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Folha de São Paulo – 04.21.2013


The Coach Metodology aims for quicker results than terapy. Iago Pimentel resorted to Coach Dr Ivani Manzzo to start eating healthier foods and to stop eating industrialized foods.



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Empregojá Journal. July 2011



“I’m graduated in Biology for 27 years now. Right after I finished graduating I started giving classes in High School. I have a master and a PhD in  Exercise. Physiology I’m also a consultant to pregnant women and have spend most of my professional life teaching in Universities, but for 2 years now I’ve felt the urgency to renew my energies and start new projects.”


Womens’s Run Magazine – August/September 2011



To program a routine of physical activities during pregnancy it is vital to maintain the right weight, which helps regaining the normal weight after. The book Practical Guide for Exercises of Pregnant Women comes to help future mothers.


Magazine Revista da Hora – December 2011


During pregnancy it’s not recommended to do heavy weight lifting, which doesn’t necessarily means that exercises are not recommended. “The woman can exercise with weight lifting because after giving birth she will need strength to breastfeed and sustain her own body” explains Dr Ivani Manzzo, PhD in Exercise Physiology and author of the book “Practical Guide for Exercises of Pregnant Womem”

UOL Economy – Careers and Employments 03.29.2012


According to to the Personal Life Coach Ivani Manzzo what is expected from a leader is that he above all has the ability to maintain himself secure, with strategic vision, with charisma and doesn’t get involved with other employees in a way which will prejudice his performance.



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Folha de São Paulo 08.21.2012


According to Personal life Coach Dr Ivani Manzzo, prejudice is present in the corporative environment. People who seek her with the objective of losing weight normally had been trough some sorts of stress as: health problems like myocardial malfunction originated by suffer from prejudice.



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Journal O Estado de São Paulo – 06.24.2011


Section of Small and Medium enterprises.

The lost of quality of life isn’t caused by suddenly changes. Actually is a slow process in which the person abuses day by day a little bit and only after a few years or months starts to see the difference in the quality of life, energy and concentration, for worse, explains Dr Ivani Manzzo. According to her, the main mistakes is eating unhealthy food, such as industrialized food, and the lack of physical exercises. Both of this problems can be ended with more organization of personal time. A list of tasks can help the person find time for changes needed.


Radio Band News FM – December 2011


Interview conceded by Dr Ivani Manzzo to Radio Band News FM in December of 2011.


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Jornal A Tribuna - 10/08/2012


Specialist in quality of life and health, Ivani Manzzo -graduated in Biological Sciences and PhD in Exercise Physiology - Lists 10 commandments to enjoy the family moments with quality.


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UOL Economy – Careers and employments


For Dr Ivani Manzzo, personal life coach, the main difference between being a leader and a boss is merely the word. However, the problem is the effect this names can make in some peoples behaviors. “Beeing called a Boss will give the wrong impression of he being ‘the one who commands’. On the other hand, being called a leader can develop the feeling of responsibility, capability of leadership and the charisma to have credibility of the employees”.


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In many times the modern woman puts her own Professional life as priority. After some years some feel ready emotionally and financially to be a mother. It is in this period, normally after being 30 years old, that the internal and external conflicts start to emerge. “In the same way that the professional career was organized and planned, maternity also needs planning and strategies. Having a baby nowadays is not only an instinctive feeling, it is also a relationship.” Explained Dr ivani Manzzo. Also according to the specialist in quality of life and health the first step is to think if the urgency to have a baby isn’t forced by culture and society, “there are many women who even when don’t have any physiologic difficulties in getting pregnant by normal means seek for clinics and doctors’ so the baby will be born on a specific day and hour…It’s importante to think if this won’t create more stress”.  agosto/2012

Some tips: Seek for an enterprise Who Will respect maternal rights. Don’t allow negative surprises to impact on moments you should take care of your baby. Seek for the possibility of a 6 months license, the majority of the enterprises agree with that. Organize your schedule, they must be divided with the baby, the younger the baby is the more time you will have to be with him. The father should always know about everything. Always ask yourself what you can take off your schedule. Look for a space of time for you and tha baby, after breastfeeding the babies come down, use this time to do exercises. If necessary search for help of a professional. setembro de 2012

Respecting Promises


Coach Dr Ivani Manzzo gives some tips on how maintaining New Years Eve promises.

January is gone and soon it will be carnival. It is true that time has passed flying  and many times the promises of a better life quality made in the New Years Eve in form of “new year for a new life” ends up, again, for later. But with discipline and organization, promises can become reality and satisfaction. “Every promise must have an origin, which must be personal. I mean, the desire of the person and not from the society vows for.” Says Dr ivani Manzzo, coach for sports and lifestyle quality, CEO of Metas & Soluções Sports Life Coaching


The job of a coach in gyms is very interesting. First because he person who is in the gym already gave the first step in search of life quality improvement. Maybe the only problem is in continuing motivated and frequency or prevention of injuries. I believe that one is related to the other. In the beginning there is a lot of effort in order to achieve results immediately. Let’s do a little math: a week has 1168 hours, if a person exercises three times a week, they are left with 165 hours which also must be exercised, but aren’t. The Coach can and will act in this 165 hours left in order that they will also impact on one’s lifestyle and benefits can be achieved quickly.


Redigida por Andrea Feliconio // 13 de maio de 2011 // Notas e Notícias // 

Dr Ivani manzzo


“We are the reflect of what we eat”. Specialists in nutrition and health are unanimous in affirming this teory and,for sure, we must take into account for all of our lives and specially future moms, who carry their biggest treasure in her bellies, this phrase. “A good diet, essentially in the first 3 months of pregnancy, will impact on the formation of the placenta, the develop of the fetus and the well being of the mother” said Dr Ivani Manzzo, specialist in quality of life and health and found and owner of Metas & Soluções Sports Life Coaching.

According to Ivani, in the first two months the embryo and placenta area under process of cellular differentiation and are very sensitive in alteration of micronutrients, not only in abuse but in lack of them. Eating inadequately in this period can impact on diseases in the child after born.


“We are living in an Era of information, but it wasn’t always like this. Ten years ago there were no nutritional recommendation for women in this stage of pregnancy and so important for life.” Explains Dr ivani Manzzo.




Ivani Manzzo, PhD in science and specialist in quality of life lectures about the main reasons that cause people not to fulfill their promises for the new year coming. “one of the mains reasons that lead people to not respect their new year promises  is that now always the desire of change is something really wanted. Generally it is something vowed by society, like the promise of a skin and perfectbody type. The person elects a goal without really thinking of it as something wanted.”




The benefits of a good diet for the mother and her baby during pregnancy

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Mom’s he blog that now has a team of specialists that will guide and end our doubts. We will start with a text from Dr Ivani Manzzo, specialist in quality of life, health and nutrition, who indicates essential nutrients in this stage of our lives so we can keep alert for special cares, specially for we, Mom’s. enjoy!!



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